Immigration Services

Guaranteed results: Visa Application and Work Permit in Nigeria

Our Immigration services essentially focuses on assisting foreigners seeking to do business in Nigeria to obtain necessary  permits like Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC). 

We represent foreign nationals and entities that seek to either work or do their businesses in Nigeria procure necessary permits, expartriate quotas or visas.

Smart complex solutions

We provide smart solutions for complex situations, you can always trust.

Brilliant team

Combined expert experience of over 99 years dedicated to brainstorming and implementing brilliant solutions for our clients.

Rich experience

Experience quality and swift service from one of the best business consultants in Nigeria. Experience-filled and Timely Delivery is Guaranteed

24/7 online support

Dedicated online support to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.

Affordable prices

Affordable and Flexible Payment Options

Modern technology

IT modeled processes to enhance efficiency and ensure faster compliances

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